Now at 20 years old, Dawn's 8th major solo art exhibition titled ‘Synthesis’, is an oeuvre of 28 pieces of Abstract Expressionist works that embody the notions of identity, relationship, interaction and creation. This exhibition showcases her distinctive techniques and artful use of texture and space.

The Meaning of Synthesis

‘Synthesis’ essentially refers to the combination of ideas to form a theory or system. Additionally, it describes the production of chemical compounds by reaction from simpler materials. Taking the first metaphoric meaning, the artist aims to amalgamate passion, creativity, expression and emotion in her work. Simultaneously, the artist combines chemicals with paints and fluids that flow, creating a phenomenon of crystallised starburst effect and produces a new identity, which becomes the curiosity of the subject.

In Synthesis, the artist contemplates life being inescapably a constant flux: She surfaces the complexity of human identity and the vicissitudes of relationships represented by fluids and paints that seem to at once collide, yet harmonise to represent notions of constraint and freedom. Human identity is invariably shaped by relationships. By varying fluid dynamics using different inks, acrylics, solvents and lacquers that act as purveyors of artistry and chemistry, Dawn creates multivalent textures, densities, tones and compositions for the viewer’s interpretation. 

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