Ski-man on Chocolate, 2008

Ski-man on Chocolate (2008) was birthed from Dawn’s exuberant winter experience in December 2008 when she was 12. This 2- metre metaphoric translation took shape as a result of Dawn Kwan’s first ski experience on Cervinia, Italy, one of the world’s most famous mountains which rises 4478 metres high. Dawn was at once refreshed by icy snow slopes while skiing and comforted by her favourite hot chocolate drink after skiing. Cold and hot. This fascinating theme from a 12 year old’s imagination, like a flowing swirl, is frozen in stainless steel.

My Journey With The Paintbrush, 2008

This 3-dimensional sculpture is a representative chronicle of Dawn's challenging journey with the paintbrush and her time as a growing artist. Time here is represented on a Palette Clock. This 1.5-metre tall Stainless Steel sculpture is an expression of her connection and closeness with the palette and the paintbrush. For the 12-year old artist, there is both fascination and fun in squirting colours that swirl out of acrylic tubes. The colours represent vibrant imagination flowing through little hands to the brush where creation is birthed onto canvas.

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