Alchemy of the Self is a virtual transformation program infusing Movement principles and Mental Health tenets.

Beyond the Veil:

  • A Systematic, Structured Approach devoted to accelerating progress and transformation. This framework is composed of 6 Series encompassed within 16 videos, which are supplemented with a judicious amount of critical subject matter. I take pride in offering only what is essential and effective, saving you the time from filtering through the unnecessary and superfluous content out there.
  • Physical Conditioning designed to build strength, proprioception and explosive power. Regardless of your starting point, you will develop greater confidence and control over your body.
  • Mobility Sessions intended to both expand your range of motion and broaden your possibilities in the movement realm. These specific patterns were carefully chosen to alleviate and reverse the detrimental effects of our modern lifestyle.
  • 6 Entire Modules dedicated to breaking down the intricacies behind Flow Techniques and Transitions. These are complex concepts made clear, and offer deeper meaning into movement beyond just building muscle or burning fat.
  • Weekly Theme of Mindfulness and Mental Health carefully interwoven with corresponding Movement principles. This synergy is the essence of the program, and is the reason behind the profound and impactful transformation you will experience.
  • Weekly Guided Meditation Sessions focusing on distinct aspects of Mindfulness to complement the physical practice.
  • All the above content on a backdrop of Abstract Art Illustrations by Dawn Kwan

Alchemy of the Self

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