There is nothing more pure and captivating than the world seen through the eyes of a child. We all wish sometimes we could go back to that childhood realm of beauty where things were easy and everything aroused our curiosity. At her early age, Dawn is already a very talented artist. Her art conveys the freshness and pureness of childhood; yet its subtleness and accomplishment hints traces of maturity.


By choosing Spain, the county which gave the world artists such as Salvador Dali, Joan Miro and Pabllo Picasso, Dawn made us very proud and also very curious to see Spain through her gifted eyes. It is not easy to capture in a canvas the energy, the kaleidoscopic reality and the true soul of Spain and I have to say that Dawn a remarkable job achieving it. From the soft pastel colours that convey the light in the Spanish beautiful seaside to the vibrant colours that epitomizes the passion of the flamenco dance, our little yet grand artist has captured the essence of Spain. We hope you will enjoy this exhibition as much as we do.

Enrique Ruiz de Lera
Director of NTO Spain SEA
Tourism Counsellor of the Embassy of Spain


In Singapore, we believe that because of our small population, we can only expect small talents; prodigies are for bigger countries. Dawn Kwan is one of a handful of young Singaporean talents who disproves this stereotyped view. Dawn’s parents, in their modesty, believe that her talent is a blessing from God. Nature, for sure, plays a role in Dawn’s special gift. But the loving nurturing of her parents must surely not to be discounted. Congratulations to Dawn as well as Mr & Mrs Kwan on the opening of such an inspiring exhibition.I hope our society as a whole will nurture more young talents like Dawn and lend support to their parents.

Dr Liu Thai Ker


National Arts Council, Singapore

Dawn’s paintings reflect a spontaneous creativity and potential within an extremely young individual. This talent ought not to be denied the opportunity to take full flight with further development within an internationally renown institution.

Michele Righetti

Visual Artist and Art Director

Righetti Arte, Italy

For someone barely ten years old, Dawn Kwan offers a refreshing take on modern and abstract art. Vibrant and confidently executed, her works carry a sense of intrigue and wonder - looking at them, you would think they were painted by a mature artist. I congratulate her on her first solo exhibition, and look forward to her growth and development as an artist.

Edmund Cheng


National Arts Council, Singapore

When we first met Dawn Kwan four years ago, it was obvious that God had placed gifts of creativity that were built on a foundation of compassion. To say that of any person is rare enough, but when that person was a child of five years, then that is truly unique. Now at age nine, Dawn has accomplished much, and hundreds of handicapped children have received free surgery through her generosity. Dawn is an amazing ‘ambassador’ for Singapore.’

Ralph (President) & Linda Parker (Founder)

Vietnam Outreach, Brisbane


There is something about children’s vision that has fascinated artists in history - like Paul Klee or Dubuffet. People are convinced that the ‘untrained’ or innocent eye possesses a certain freshness of perspective, a certain boldness. You can see that in Dawn’s work - it’s her own special world with its own colour, structure and logic.

Lindy Poh

Art Consultant & Curator, Singapore