5th Major Solo Art Exhibition (Age 13)
Exhibition Title: Joie de Vivre
Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore
20 May 2010 

“There is nothing more innocent and fascinating than the joyful world seen through the eyes of a 13 year old child. We are happy to have Dawn here, who is not only talented but also a generous giver for her age. She is a role model and indeed, an inspiration, to many.”

Professor Soo Khee Chee

Director and Senor Surgical Oncologist, NCCS


It could be said that nothing radical happens without inspiration; from Thomas Edison to Vincent van Gogh, inspiration (with perseverance) is the common bloodline that runs through all great science and art. In collaboration with National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS), Dawn Kwan launched her 5th major solo exhibition to help raise funds for cancer patients. 


Through this event, benefactors of the NCC Research Fund will be ‘bridged’ to medical doctors and researchers, enabling them to understand what is going on behind the mysterious backdrop of the common yet scary condition, ‘cancer’. In Singapore, cancer accounts for one in three deaths. NCCS is a premier cancer research and treatment facility, serving close to 70% of the cancer community in Singapore.


Joie de Vivre is adopted as it speaks of abundant happiness and the zest in embracing life. Joie de Vivre can be an expression of joy when medical discoveries are made, when stimulating art is found or when inspiring youths like Dawn Kwan do their part for good causes, like cancer research.


Committed to helping the poor and needy through her gift since the age of five, the 13-year-old child prodigy will donate part of the sales proceeds of the art exhibition, to the NCC Research Fund. NCC Research Fund is an endowment fund serving as the flagship grant-making channel to enable crucial cancer research at NCCS.

Ski-man on Chocolate Sculpture
2-metre Stainless Steel
Palette Clock - My Journey With The Paintbrus
1.5-metre Stainless Steel
Dog In Black, 2010
100cm x 150cm
Big Bad Wolf Dog, 2010
100cm x 150cm
Silhouette, 2010
Magenta Silhoutte
150cm x 120cm
Fire Flower, 2010
150cm x 100cm
Alive 2010
100cm x 150cm
Rejuvenation, 2010
100cm x 150cm
Breakout, 2010
100cm x 150cm
Toucan, 2010
91cm x 122cm
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Dog In Black, 2010

100cm x 150cm