4th Major Solo Art Exhibition (Age 12)
Exhibition Title: Swiss Exuberance
The Arts House @ The Old Parliament
2 November 2009  

At 12, Dawn grows in her expression as she travels. Her winter holiday in Switzerland left an indelible impression on her. Travelling from Zurich to Interlaken, from Lausanne to Bern, Dawn imbibes the exuberance of winter beautiy and the majesty of the Jungfrau. 


In this series, Dawn celebrates her heights of exuberance in her interpretation of the alps. Her admiration of Swiss precision and rhythmic movements are expressed in through her drawing of Swiss train and dancers. She masterfully pulls out colours and imaginative shapes to express Swiss intelligence and innovation in the abstract. Brace yourself for Swiss heights as Dawn takes you through the highs of Switzerland on her creative palette!

The Alps 1, 2009
150cm x 100cm
The Alps 2, 2009
150cm x 100cm
Matterhorn, 2009
120cm x 80cm
Winter Lodge, 2009
120cm x 80cm
Travel Time, 2009
80cm x 120cm
Alpine Ibex, 2009
120cm x 80cm
Strawberry Fizz, 2009
91cm X 91cm
Strawberry Pop, 2009
122cm X 122cm
Strawberry Fondue, 2009
102cm X 76cm
Eye On Science, 2009
76cm X 152cm
Eye On Science, 2009
76cm x 152cm
Skiman 1, 2009
91cm X 46cm
Skiman 2, 2009
91cm X 46cm
Skiman 3, 2009
91cm X 46cm
Verde Dancer, 2009
61cm (W) X 91cm (H)
Rouge Dancer, 2009
61cm X 91cm
Orange Dancer, 2009
61cm X 91cm
Fashionasta, 2009
122cm x 61cm
Rail Time 2009
80cm x 120cm Acrylic
Swiss Intelligence 1, 2009
122xm x 91cm, Acrylic
Swiss Intelligence 2, 2009
122xm x 91cm, Acrylic
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