2nd Major Solo Art Exhibition (Age 10)
Exhibition Title: Voices of Nature
Singapore Seasons In China
Xizhimen Mall, Beijing 
10 – 14 October 2007

In “Voices Of Nature”, 10-year old Singaporean, Dawn Kwan celebrates her passion for flowers... roses, orchids and poppies. In ‘The White Vases’, a 4-canvas series, she captures the ‘voices’ of eloquent vases, as if in conversation, against a dramatic background.


With bold colours and techniques, she takes you through the vivid raw beauty of trees: A soft wind travels through the ‘fingers’ of stark trees. Trees tall and looming ‘speak’ their peace... Indeed, nature is seen through the eyes of a child, yet skilfully portrayed, as if by the hands of an adult painter. Dawn Kwan invites you to ‘listen’ to the resounding “Voices of Nature” with your eyes.

Shell We Listen
150cm W x 100cm H
Wind Through The Trees
150cm x 100cm
Reaching For The Sky
61cm H x 122cm W
122cm W x 61cm H
150cm W x 100cm H
61cm x 122cm
61cm x 122cm
61cm x 122cm
61cm x 122cm
New Dawn
61cm x 122cm
Morning Dew
61cm x 122cm
76cm x 76cm
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